Revenge of the Cute – Character Design

These designs were born out of a challenge to create "cute" characters that incorporate three disparate, contemporary "phenomena." Those were namely genetic engineering, automation, and nostalgia. The result was a team of crazy scientists bent on overturning the animal kingdom.

Initial research into popular Japanese mascots:
Finalized Characters:
Dr. Prinz 
Dr. Prinz once believed he was a frog prince from his mother's stories.
Turns out he isn't. Who would a kiss a Blue Poison Dart Frog anyway?
Dr. Kyouken (or Mad Dog)
Dr. Kyouken is mostly a good boy save for one little flaw:
he spirals out control whenever he sees people with bad hairdos. 
Ms. Eggsident
A traumatic accident that cracked Ms. Eggsident shell ten years ago
propelled her to build the vastest and most advanced genetic engineering laboratory.
Thank you!
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